About Us

Cargo Container Inspection is an independent firm supplying marine, cargo and container surveying services. Most of the surveyors on our team have over 20 years of experience, dealing and involve in mitigation of damaged cargoes and claim management.

CC Inspection surveyors have deep knowledge and vast marine expertise to understand, root caused and assess damaged containers / cargoes. Our passion to provide an excellent and professional service to our clients is the engine of our firm. Client satisfaction and outstanding customer experience is our priority in every nomination made by our clients.

Container Inspection Services

Sea-Worthiness Inspection
Cargo container sea-worthiness inspection and certification.
Container Surveys
We identify out of specs tolerances following IICL guidelines.
Loading Inspection
Cargo container loading inspection, including packing / stowage, cargo condition verification and certification.
Unloading Inspection
Cargo container unloading inspection, including, cargo condition verification, certification and reporting.
On Hire & Off Hire Inspection
Full container inspection before delivery. We ensure that you don’t get charged for wear damage when returned.

Our Skills